Massive Acceleration Lightweight Agile Performance Ultra Responsive Incredible Speed

Blade XTR

The Blade XTR answers the questions of many problems drivers have found with buying a car from a long-established competitor.

The Blade XTR is the solution to your performance dreams at a cost you won’t believe. It’s the marriage of extreme performance and frugality.


The XTR is the most basic Blade you can get. It provides high performance and reliability, and is easy to work on. But you won’t need to work on it. You can put away your tools. We’ve connected everything from the suspension, drive-train and ECU so you can make changes without getting out of your seat…using Bluetooth. You can adjust the ride height, toe-in or any number of suspension metrics with your phone. Want to start your car before you get in it at the track? That’s easy. Just got done with a race, went home to eat and figured out what settings you wanted? Tell your car through your phone. It’s happy to oblige.

Your Blade XTR will come with a Basic Brushed Aluminum Interior, Bailey Audio System and BXR Race Gauge Panel. The seats are made by Recaro. The roll cage is fully integrated into the chassis, so you won’t have to worry about having one added later on…unlike your other racecar. Don’t worry, the chassis and roll cage conform fully to FIA, SCCA, NASA and NHTSA standards and regulations.

Want more power than the 750 horses we give the Ford 5.0L Aluminator engine with the Twin-Turbo? We can make any adjustment on the base setup to push the power up to 1,300 HP without having to worry about breakage. Need even more power? We don’t think you will, but if you want it, we can give you power over 2,000 horses.


Starting From $150,000 Fully Equipped

Ford 5.0L Coyote Aluminator SC – 4V TiVCT

Displacement 302 Cu. In.
Power Range Twin-Turbo – 750 HP – 1,300 HP
NA Horsepower 550 HP @ 6,500 RPM
NA Torque 570 Ft-Lb. @ 5,250 RPM
Dimensions 3.63-in. Bore x 3.65-in. Stroke
Compression 11.0:1 (Nominal)
Block Aluminum
Crankshaft Titanium
Connecting Rods Manley® H-Beam Connecting Rods with ARP 2000 Bolts
Pistons Manley® Hard Anodized Forged Pistons With Grafal® Low-Friction Coating
Cylinder Heads 4-V Aluminum Heads with Roller-Finger Followers
Intake Manifold Variable, Tuned Composite
Throttle Body 800mm, Single-Bore, “Drive-By-Wire”
Oil Pan 8-Qt. Large-Capacity, Rear Sump with Optimized Drainback and Windage Tray
Configuration Front-Engine Rear-Wheel Drive
Tare Weight 2,600 lbs (As Tested)
Interior Seating Two BXR-Recaro Seats. Can be customized for Race or Road Versions. Comfortably Seats Individuals up to 6’9″
Wheelbase 103 In.
Body Length 156 In.
Body Width 76 In. (At Rear Fender)
Height 46 In.
Ride Height 3.5 In.
Front/Rear Track Width 58 In. / 59 In.
Dash Panel BXR by Classic Instruments Gauge Cluster. Optional Gauges are available.
Interior Full Chassis-Integrated Roll-Cage
Brushed Aluminum Paneling
BXR-Recaro Race Seats
5-Point Harness
Fire Suppression Equipment
Audio Bailey 1000 Sound by Rockford Fosgate
Steering Rack and Pinion, Variable Electronic Assist
Ratio 15.6:1
Turns, Stop to Stop 2.53
Wheel Size Front: 19 x 9.5
Rear: 19 x 13.0
Tire Size Front: 275/35ZR-19
Rear: 335/35ZR-19
Brakes Brembo® 4-Wheel Disc ABS with Selectable Traction Control
Calipers Front: 6-Piston
Rear: 4-Piston
Rotors Front: 14.0 @ 1.02 In.
Rear: 12.8 @ 0.65 In.
Suspension BXR Four-Wheel Independent Short-Long Arm (SLA), Double-Adjustable Wishbone.
Includes 6-Way Double-Adjustable Shocks with Adjustable Coil-Over Springs and Ride Height Control
Transmission Tremec T-56 Magnum, 6-Speed, Short Throw
Differential 4:11 or 3:73 Ratios – Limited Slip
Axle 31-Spline CV Axle
Gear Ratios 1st – 2.97
2nd – 2.10
3rd – 1.46
4th – 1.00
5th – 0.74
6th – 0.50
Skid 1.5 G
0-60 MPH 3.773 Seconds
0-100 MPH 6.556 Seconds
0-100-0 MPH 12.50 Seconds
1/8 Mile 7.58 Seconds @ 114.2 MPH
1/4 Mile 11.03 Seconds @ 144.9 MPH
Top Speed 242.48 MPH @ 75.759 Seconds
Top Gear Lap Time (Est) 1:11:515 Seconds

Performance Characteristics are based upon the simulated 750 HP Version of the Blade XTR.

Engine Upgrades
  • Adjust power between 750 HP – 1,300 HP
  • Divine-Inspired Power Upgrade: Power over 2,000 HP
  • Nitrous Oxide
  • Additional Tuning
Interior Upgrades
  • Full Texas-Hide BXR Leather Interior
  • (Conversion from XTR to GTR)Bailey Extreme Sound System by Rockford Fosgate
  • More Upon Request
Additional Upgrades
  • Choice of Gearing
  • Additional Gauges on Cluster
  • More Upon Request

Ultra-Responsive Engineering

Our engineering team, through Fischer Motorsports, has developed the Blade’s active-aero and engine management systems by MoTec to perform at a high rate of responsiveness in order to give you the ability to control the massive amounts of power needed for competition. The Blade offers the ultimate stance in poise and grace to provide you with the most impressive experience imaginable.


The Blade has been designed to be as fully functional as it is appealing to the eye. Every surface and every cut has the purpose of creating the perfect driving experience for you. Engineering of the Blade provides effective down-force at all speeds, impressive natural cooling of control components and improved mechanical performance.

Loaded With Options

The Blade GTR has a range of engine control and data collection options as well as a full range of interior comfort upgrades to meet your desires. Tell us what you desire in your GTR and we will provide you with world-class service in helping you realize those desires.